Dominican Republic, Öko Caribe, 75% Dark

Dominican Republic, Öko Caribe, 75% Dark

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We were able to visit this very impressive project on our trip to the Dominican Republic in 2014. One of the most beautiful co-ops we visited, Öko Caribe inspired us with their vision and fantastic cacao.

Founded in 2006, Öko Caribe ferments and dries Hispaniola cacao grown only in sustainable agroforestry systems. With a goal of total transparency and sustainability, Öko Caribe strives to raise the quality of cacao grown in the Dominican Republic.

We are excited to be working with them again. Enjoy!

Tasting notes:
Tangy berry, peppery mocha

Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar

Kosher Information: Parve